NQF - National Qualifications Framework

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The National Coordination Point (NCP) is the central administration, coordination and information body for the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) in Austria.

The aim of the National Qualifications Framework is to establish a transparency tool for different qualifications and their levels for all education systems at national level.

The NCP's task is to ensure the link between the national education system and the European Qualifications Framework, to promote the quality and transparency of these systems and therefore to guarantee the successful implementation of the National Qualifications Framework in Austria.

The NCP, established within the OeAD-GmbH, operates with the support of the European Commission on behalf of the national authorities.

You can find general information on the national NQF developments as well as on qualifications, which are already mapped to a level, under www.qualifikationsregister.at.

Nationale Koordinierungsstelle für den NQR

+43 1 534 08-0

Ebendorferstraße 7
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