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Welt im Ohr: Go Green: Energy turnaround in Senegal

56:34#Development Research#Researcher
In this radio programme the APPEAR project SEA4cities - Sustainable Energy Access for Sustainable Cities – a higher education cooperation between Austria and Senegal is presented …

"Welt im Ohr" (World in your Ear): Best of Global Dialogues 2018 - BROADCASTS FOR CHANGE

01:00:05#Development Research#Researcher
In 2018 the Global Dialogues editorial group "Women on Air" focused on "Broadcasts for Change". In line with the "The World We Want" campaign, shaped by Agenda 2030 and the efforts …

ArchE – the Austrian digital archive of help

In this last podcast of 2018 "Welt im Ohr" takes a look at Austria's development policy of the last 60 years and at the digital archive of help.

Ein faires Handelssiegel feiert Geburtstag

25 Jahre Fairtrade in Österreich. Ein Podcast über das Siegel für fairen Handel, über Globalisierung und die Zusammenhänge von Nord und Süd.

„Wissenschaft im Wandel“: Allianzen und Impulse für nachhaltige Entwicklung

59:32#Development Research
In diesem Podcast: Die Rolle der SDGs für die Wissenschaft und Universitäten.

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Radio programmes within the framework of ORF Ö1 Campus

Welt im Ohr (World in your Ear) – two to three times a month on Fridays of odd calendar weeks from 20:00 to 21:00 on ORF Ö1 Campus and as of the ensuing week on the OeAD’s website.

The broadcasts are free to use under the Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC 3.0 AT.

Manifold formats and topics

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“Welt im Ohr“ – Live discussions

Whether it is llama breeding in the Andes, organic farming in East Africa, hydropower in Nepal or milestones in the internationalisation of education in Europe, Welt im Ohr introduces its listeners to the world of development policy issues, to research and education in the poor and poorest regions of the world as well as in Austria. In our studio committed people who work and do research together to make the world a better place have their say – as partners in education, research and development.

“Welt im Ohr“, conceived for radio, further developed on the Internet, presents images and creates new ones: images of a world where globalisation is not a threat but a hope.

Rainer Rosenberg, founder of ORF Ö1 Campus

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“Welt im Ohr“ – Documentaries, Interviews, Features, Readings

Extraordinary stories and events deserve special formats. This is why Welt im Ohr undertakes it from time to time to create something special. And so our readings will take you to small Caribbean islands and our documentaries will follow, for example, a special woman who was the first one to circumnavigate the world in her car in 1927 or the first Austrian globetrotter in the 17th century on his curious journey. “Welt im Ohr“ also accompanied the Austrians in the first free elections in South Africa in 1994 and 25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain we were looking back together with the higher education institutions on the eventful times of a new phase of internationalisation. It remains exciting to see to which places “Welt im Ohr“ will be taking us in the future.