Highlight your future. Study in Austria.

Fotoapparat aus Karton © OeAD/Gianmaria Gava

The international presentation of Austria as an attractive location for higher education is one of the main tasks of the OeAD. Since 2002 the OeAD has been in charge of the presentation of Austria as an attractive location for science and research abroad; in the OeAD Act of 2009 the "presentation of Austria as a location for cooperation" has been included. As an agency of the federal government the OeAD supports the internationalisation strategies of the higher education institutions.

The topic of "Internationalisation of the higher education institutions" has become a cross-sectional topic and has gained more and more importance. The scientific and social globalisation has made the internationalisation of higher education institutions necessary and has promoted it; the higher education institutions had and have to position themselves nationally and internationally and to develop a corresponding profile. The competition for the brightest minds leads to a new positioning in Austria as well as to new degree programmes with an international outlook and to adjustments of the internationalisation concepts.

How does the OeAD promote the higher education institutions internationally

We provide information about available courses and places of study in Austria and represent all Austrian higher education institutions (universities, university of applied sciences, university colleges of teacher education) at international education fairs. We support higher education institutions in their international activities, we promote internationally relevant courses (e.g. programmes taught in English) and we provide information about Austria as a location for higher education by means of our brochures, websites and databases.


Under the label of “Highlight your Future. Study in Austria” the Austrian higher education marketing aims at emphasising and increasing the attractiveness and international presence of Austria as a location for higher education and research.

The goals are:

  • Increasing the attractiveness of Austria as a location for higher education and research
  • Representing the Austrian higher education institutions at multiplier fairs in Europe, Asia/Australia and North America/Canada
  • Positioning of Austria worldwide as a location for higher education and research in all its aspects
  • Worldwide positioning of all Austrian higher education institutions and higher education sectors
  • Presence of Austria on the international education market and enhancing the image of being an innovative provider of high quality degree courses that can be followed by post-graduate studies in other countries
  • Supporting the higher education institutions in the expansion of their international networks and cooperations
  • Providing independent information about the whole educational offer of all higher education areas
  • Attracting excellent international young budding researchers to come to Austria