Bologna Process since 2010

The continuation of the Bologna Process until 2020 with the aim of the complete implementation of the above-mentioned goals was discussed in Leuven/Louvain-la-Neuve. For the second decade the people involved agreed on the following areas of focus:

  • study architecture (bachelor - master – doctoral studies/PhD)
  • quality assurance, recognition
  • employability and relevance of the degrees on the labour market
  • strengthening of the social dimension
  • lifelong learning
  • international cooperation and 20% of the graduates in the European higher education area spending part of their studies abroad until 2020 (mobility)

The OeAD supports the Bologna Process, the European higher education area and the integration of the Bologna goals in the Austrian higher education landscape.

The OeAD’s Bologna team understands itself as a cross-sectional and independent advice and information centre for the whole Austrian higher education sector and for the national Bologna experts. It serves as a practical point of contact for questions, concerns and suggestions regarding the topics of Bologna and the European higher education area. A central concern is to work on a common understanding of the Bologna goals in a cross-sectional way and to strengthen Austria as a location for higher education in this way.



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