Welt im Ohr-Podcasts

10 years APPEAR: Radio show on international social work and development

18. February 202138:21Development ResearchResearcher

International social work strengthens sustainable development. This is shown by the academic cooperation between Austria and East Africa, which has been in place for 10 years. (in …

Welt im Ohr: Internationalisation and Mobility 2020 - 2030

9. February 202159:48Europäischer HochschulraumHigher Education

A "Welt im Ohr" podcast about Austria's national higher education mobility and internationalisation strategy 2020-2030 (in German).

"Welt im Ohr" ("World in your Ear"): Travelling through space and time: Cinema as a place of …

20. November 202059:50Development ResearchResearcher

Rebellion and new beginnings and the deconstruction of an ideal world are today's topics. Not without alternatives, but in solidarity and inspired by cinematic art.

Welt im Ohr: Die Welt im Wohnzimmer III - Literatur mit kritischem Blick

19. December 201957:52Development ResearchResearcher

Literatur erzählt Geschichten, entführt uns in andere Universen und es fasziniert, was mit wenigen Buchstaben möglich ist.

Feminist Futures: Alternativen – Utopien – Dystopien

29. August 2019Researcher

What kind of "feminist futures" do we want? Venezuela and Sudan are examples of how close utopia and dystopia are in the reality of these countries.