10th InterCity Youth Conference Participation 3.0.

Zwischen 27. und 29. Juni findet in Ljubljana die 10. InterCity Youth Conference statt, bei der das Thema Partizipation im Fokus stehen wird. Die Teilnehmenden der Veranstaltung erwartet ein sehr spannendes und umfangreiches Programm sowie Austausch mit Vertreter*innen von Gemeinden und Zivilgesellschaft. Hier ein kurzer Auszug aus dem Programm:

The 10th InterCity Youth Conference Participation 3.0. invites civil servants responsible for youth work in their municipality and managers or coordinators of organisations (public or NGOs) responsible for the provision of local youth work to a discussion on the following objectives: 

  • to promote and strengthen a holistic approach to youth participation as a process of cocreation of everything from youth work activities to the everyday life of communities, as well as political agendas and decisions;  
  • to provide examples of good practice linked to young people’s participation on the local level, showcasing its value and impact for both young people and the society; 
  • to inspire and function as a starting point for future European intermunicipal cooperation around youth participation through Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps; 

Details zur Konferenz gibt es hier

27. June 2022 to 29. June (full day) Ljubljana InterCity Youth Export Event as iCal