SEG Online-Kurs "Teaching Outside the Classroom"

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Das School Education Gateway (SEG), Europas Online-Plattform für Politik und Praxis in der Schulbildung bietet Lehrkräften und anderem Schulpersonal ein umfangreiches Angebot an Ressourcen, Praxisbeispielen und Webinaren.

Dieser Online-Kurs der Teacher Academy richtet sich an Lehrkräfte aller Schulstufen.

About: Albert Einstein once famously said “I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.” Driven by this quote, it’s crucial to remember that learning is an active process and sometimes the best and most memorable learning experiences take place outside the walls of the classroom. The Teaching Outside the Classroom course explores the educational value and potential of informal learning spaces for learning. The course aims to provide participants with tools, ideas and good practices on how to integrate outdoor education in formal education. During the course, you will investigate strategies educators can use to plan, implement and evaluate learning outside the classroom and how to blend it with more traditional classroom-based learning. More generally the course aims to support teachers to transform their students’ learning experiences into meaningful and engaging activities which lead to their intellectual growth. 

Start date: 23 May 2022 End date: 29 June 2022 Workload: 20 hours in total (3-4 hours per weekly module)

Learning objectives

  • Get knowledge about and reflect upon experience with learning outside of the classroom 
  • Discuss the meaning of learning outside of the classroom and how to set the stage for it
  • Explore how learning can happen beyond the traditional classroom setting
  • Reflect about the barriers and pitfalls to effective teaching outside of the classroom
  • Understand how to blend traditional classroom-based learning with learning outside of the classroom
  • Develop a lesson plan for learning outside of the classroom

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