Virtual GI_Forum 2021 with the thematic focus on Citizen Science

Specialist EventCitizen Science

The GI_Forum provides a platform for dialogue between geoscientists, informs the geoinformation community, and contributes to a more just, ethical, and sustainable society.

The opportunity to let people participate in scientific research has gained increasing interest in recent years. This applies in particular to questions and problems which geospatial data provided by citizens can help solve. Although (Geo-) Citizen Science offers numerous benefits, (including cost and personnel savings, support for monitoring, coverage of larger areas) the existing potential is not always fully exploited and the existing expectations are not always fully met.

The main topics of the virtual GI_Forum 2021 are: Advances in GIScience, Citizen Science, Geosocial Analysis, Learning and Education with Geomedia, and Urban Data Science & Livable Cities. Contributions on these topics can be submitted until February 1, 2021.

5. July 2021 to 9. July (full day) Online GI_Forum Export Event as iCal