Aktivitäten von Stipendiat/innen

OeAD scholar initiates virtual coworking space to stay productive during lockdown

1. Dezember 2020Scholars

How to stay motivated for writing when you are supposed sitting only in your room during lockdown? Inspired by the online meetings organized by the events4scholars team and after …

Online Welcome, Meet & Greet for Scholarship Holders

16. November 2020Scholars

Now more than ever: OeAD scholars meet, discuss, interact and connect online!

OeAD scholarship holders visited Salzburg and Hallstatt

9. Oktober 2020Scholars

“The trip was really amazing. It was not only about nature but also being accompanied by kind people from different countries.” concluded one scholarship holder who joined the …

Linh Doan’s story: The secret behind “The Dance of the universal pieces”

11. August 2020Scholars

Linh Doan is a passionate pianist, she was born in Vietnam travelled around the world during the last 10 years, and has witnessed racism towards Asians in the field of classical …

Online Meeting: "Fake Science and Predatory Publishing"

7. Juli 2020StudiumHochschuleScholars

"Publish or Perish" ist seit vielen Jahren ein Grundsatz im Wissenschaftsbetrieb. Akademische Karrieren hängen zunehmend von herausragenden Publikationslisten ab. Ohne …