Review: ECVET Experts Conference "Higher VET in Europe – Visions for the future"

23. November 2018 Europäische ProgrammeVergleichbarkeitBerufsbildung
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VET Qualifications and programmes offered at EQF levels 5 to 8 which do not fall within the overarching qualifications framework of the European Higher Education Area (QF-EHEA) were the main focus of the international conference on 22 November at Albert Hall in Vienna.

In some European countries concepts for qualification pathways in “Higher VET” already exist. But to date Higher VET is quite far from being understood in the same manner throughout Europe. In Austria, we are at the starting point of a discussion process at experts' level that aims at defining a common vision of what might be labelled “Höhere Berufsbildung”. European transparency instruments, in particular ECVET and NQF/EQF, can support the process by delivering tools for quality assurance and a clearer structuring of qualifications.

The third international ECVET experts conference was organised by the Austrian National Agency Erasmus+ Education (OeAD GmbH) with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. Contributions to the conference covered European tendencies as to Higher VET and highlighted approaches in Switzerland, The Netherlands and Sweden. Around 70 participants from various countries shared their visions for the future of Higher VET. A representative of DG Employment gave an outlook on the future of VET in the EU. The event targeted above all policy makers and social partners involved in vocational qualifications and European transparency instruments, representatives of the VET systems as well as national ECVET experts.