Nachrichten nach Themen

Ö1 Campusradio - Mikroorganismen retten den Stoffkreislauf

4. Dezember 201359:41

Listen to the BIOREM team. They are explaining how bioremediation for contaminated sites works and they give insight to their research field in a way that allows also non-natural …

Ö1 Radiokolleg Wissen.Schafft.Entwicklung. - Spurensuche in Äthiopien

4. Dezember 2013

APPEAR head of programme, Andreas Obrecht has visited the Ethiopian APPEAR projects in February 2013 and prepared a one-hour radio programme with plenty of audio recordings. …

APPEAR in practice_3

28. November 2013

Ugandan Experiences. The Art of Pursuing Gender Equity.

Ö1 Campusradio - Äthiopien im Fokus - Ein Forschungsbericht

15. November 201359:48

Florian Peloschek, project team member on beside of the Austrian partner, the Centre for Development Research at the BOKU and Solomon Abegaz Guangul, appear grant holder who is …

Ö1 Campusradio - Hochschulkooperationen in den Palästinensischen Gebieten

18. Oktober 201352:21

Helmut Krieger, the Austrian project coordinator, together with two project staff members, reports about current developments in Palestine, the current situation in the refugee …